Breath                    Breath                    Breath                  Breath                 Breath


                                          It is the soft strenghs that carry life




Working with the way of breathing of the breathing embodiment?

Experience a session at Zangstudio Annemieke Brouwer.


The Zangstudio is working a lot with Ilse Middendorfs breathing techniques, in the Netherlands relatively unknown.

For 12 years twice a year Annemieke went to breathing seminars given by Petra Bodnik in Amsterdam. After 20 years Petra Bodnik stopped giving seminars. Since then, it has been 8 years allready, Annemieke is going to seminars by breathing educator Paul Triepels, known from the tv show “Una Voce Particulare”.

Click on the video for an explanation of Ilse Middendorf herself, a youtubefragment. Here she is 96 years old, she died at 98. She called her  work: Breathing embodiment.

Join the basic exercises in the next video and feel if this is something you want to use.

(In the Netherlands people usually do not sit in rows, but in a circle or an ellips)

“This breathing aims to know itself and experience itself. This is that deep, that cannot be ignored” Cornelis Veening

Like heartrate and metabolism, breathing is a vegetative self regulating function, controlled by the respiratory center in the brainstem. Although we can’t regulate our heartrate and metabolism with our volition, with breathing this is possible. We use a piece of the brain that is younger evolutionairy, the cortex. All living creatures have a brainstem, only humans have this neocortex.

It was the dutch singer Cornelis Veening, who was inspired by the ideas of C. G. Jung and taoism (around 1930). He found a way to experience vegetativve breathing. In treatments a person could experience the wholeness of body, soul and mind. He saw breathing as more than a physiological function. Breath offers access to the soul. Veening found a new way between soma- and psychotherapy.

Veening’s respiratory therapy arose in Berlin. Ilse Middendorf (1910- 2009) was his student for thirty years. She developed “breathing embodiment”, encouraged by Veening, and was convinced that the natural breathing rythm is disturbed when we want to deepen or regulate our breating “with our minds” (the neocortex). For many years she daily sat on her stool and found different laws and words for physical and psychological (or spiritual???) experiences.

Pricing Breathing session discount

First half 2016:

* Introductory Breathing session €32,50 with VAT

* Individual Breathing session €40,00 with VAT

* Group session Breathing €22,50 a person with VAT

An introductory session is 1 hour (max. 1,5 hour).


Half a day seminars:

From the summer of 2016 there are seminars of half a day. Asked of you is to attend one or two individual or group sessions. With the attendants of the individual and group sessions is decided when the seminar will be held. For this we have a beautiful location, just outside of Deventer.

Please email [email protected] for more information of call 0651570289



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